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Book A Massage Party Today
with your friends at Ambrosia Wellness!!

Book an evening or weekend when you and your friends can get together. You and your friends have a chance to chat while each of you has the opportunity to enjoy a chair massage.
The party can be held at your home, our studio, or any other venue.

Perfect for any occasion including: bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, girls night out, birthdays, dinner parties, corporate events, and more!

Pricing Options:  
$5.00- 5 Minute Chair Massage       $10.00-10 Minute Chair Massage
$15.00- 15 Minute Chair Massage   $20.00- 20 Minute Chair Massage
Party Minimum of 40 minutes total

Each guest can choose the amount of time that they would like to be massaged (up to 20 minutes).

Host Incentives:
FREE 30 minute massage for parties with 5 or more guests.
Or FREE 60 minute massage when a guest schedules a massage party.

We are available for parties 7 days a week until 9:00pm EST.

Call or Text (606)706-5999 
to schedule your party today!

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