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At Ambrosia we understand how poor posture and repetitive movements create a dysfunction within the connective tissue. 

This dysfunction is treated by the body as an injury, and as a result, the body initiates a repair process known as the: 
The Cumulative Injury Cycle.
Any trauma to the tissue of the body creates inflammation. Inflammation, in turn, activates the body's pain receptors and initiates a protective mechanism, increasing muscle tension or causing muscle spasm
As a result of microspasms  in areas of the muscle, adhesions (or knots) begin to form in the soft tissue. These adhesions form a weak, inelastic matrix (inability to stretch) that decreases normal elasticity of the soft tissue, resulting in altered body mechanics of the muscles and joints. 

If left untreated, these adhesions can begin to form permanent structural changes in the soft tissue. 

Davis's Law states that soft tissue models along the lines of stress. 
Soft tissue is remodeled with an inelastic collagen matrix that forms in a random fashion. If the muscle fibers are lengthened, these inelastic connective tissue fibers act as roadblocks, preventing  the tissue muscle fibers from moving properly, which creates alterations in normal tissue extensibility and causes relative flexibility.

Our licensed, professional staff will manually release the connective tissue  adhesions and will teach you stretching techniques that will help you to break your cumulative injury cycle and get you on the road to whole body wellness.

It is important for you to understand what is happening in your body for you to begin to be aware of your movements in order to prevent injury and imbalances and help to maintain optimal wellness within your body.

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